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Mekong River Delta

FISHY: It’s impossible to eat healthy

Okay, I just wrote that headline to get your attention. It’s a common trick among sports writers, especially those looking to generate pageviews off the backs of my beloved Buckeyes, so I figured I’d borrow it. What has me a little aggravated at the moment is the realization that is darn near impossible to please […]

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Meanwhile, over at…

This was a pretty busy week for me, in terms of writing. In addition to writing here, and on top of writing each week in the pages of Feedstuffs and at, I pen a blog at Beef Producer is a sister publication to Feedstuffs, and is geared toward the cow/calf and backgrounder/stocker segments […]

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Why the Internet is killing rational discourse

It’s on the Internet, so it has to be true. Right? I’m convinced that the World Wide Web is both the greatest technological development of my lifetime, and simultaneously the invention that is likely to tank our entire society as we know it. Ever-present in our lives, our culture is the most “wired” on the […]

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Older gentleman reading his paper

You are what you read

The Fetching Mrs. Vance and I are “book people” through and through. We love reading, and we love books. Our very favorite books find their way to our personal collection, which includes such great authors as Terry Pratchett, W.E.B. Griffin, Robert Jordan, James Clavell, Dick Francis and Diana Gabaldon. Generally speaking, we visit the Gahanna […]

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There’s a fine line between whistleblower and ‘Benedict Arnold’

Uncomfortable truth of the day: history is written by the winners. Think about it for a minute – we’re talking about the difference between how we view the Founding Fathers and how we see the Rebels of the Confederacy. More on this in a minute. I mentioned over the weekend that most Americans seem to […]

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