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There’s a fine line between whistleblower and ‘Benedict Arnold’

Uncomfortable truth of the day: history is written by the winners. Think about it for a minute – we’re talking about the difference between how we view the Founding Fathers and how we see the Rebels of the Confederacy. More on this in a minute. I mentioned over the weekend that most Americans seem to […]

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Government overreach in the era of partisan politics

I worry that most Americans have forgotten the story of Goldilocks. In some sense, the little girl’s adventures in the home of the three bears was a story about moderation. Papa Bear’s porridge was too hot, Mama’s was too cold, but Baby Bear’s was just right, or something to that effect. Goldilocks popped into my […]

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America's Fear of China

Is China the ultimate boogeyman for US consumers?

Yesterday’s news that China’s Shuanghui International would buy Virginia-based Smithfield foods set my social media feeds aflutter. When a foreign company buys a massive U.S. company, it’s big news. When that company is in the food sector, it’s really, really big news. Hog farmer and social media celebrity Chris Chinn posed very real, relevant questions, […]

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Obama's second-term agenda?

What I’m reading on Election Day…

I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Milwaukee waiting on a late-evening flight to Kansas City, and I have a confession to make: I failed to figure out a way to vote in Wisconsin. It’s the new Ohio, haven’t you heard? I spent the past two days at the annual Agricultural Bankers Conference hosted by […]

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I know people like this when it comes to politics...

What the numbers tell us about the Nov. 6 election

In theory, at least, by this time next week we’ll know if Barack Obama spends another four years in the White House, or if Republican challenger Mitt Romney will have a new job next January. There is a chance – a not insignificant one, I might add – that electoral gridlock in Ohio could keep […]

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