My First Column at The Show Circuit

Show Circuit MagazineWhile I spent the better part of the last decade known as a broadcaster, I guess I’m quickly becoming more recognized as a writer. It’s an interesting shift in paradigm for me, because I really didn’t start writing professionally (and by that I mean, for publication) until a few years ago.

I started writing a weekly agriculture column for my local newspaper that quickly expanded to cover other topics (basically whatever was stuck in my craw that week), and then expanded to other papers around the region. When I left the radio network, I accepted a role as a featured contributor to Feedstuffs, and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of that esteemed publication.

A few months ago my dear friend Carrie Rhoades-Belke contacted me about joining the editorial team at The Show Circuit, the preeminent magazine in the livestock exhibition community. Being an old cow hand and a small-time seedstock producer, I jumped at the opportunity. I highly encourage you to subscribe to both Feedstuffs and The Show Circuit, and not just because of my meager contributions. These are two of the best publications I’ve ever been associated with.

I wanted to share my first column in the magazine. I’m really happy with the way this piece turned out, and I think a lot of folks really identified with what I was trying to get across. Share your thoughts with me.

Click here to read the article “You Can’t Eat Hair.”

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