Ohio Legislator, Backer of Livestock Care Board Indicted

Former Ohio Representative Carlton Weddington

Former Ohio Representative Carlton Weddington (D, Columbus)

Stories like this generally pass right over my internal news filter these days; I used to be very much in tune with state and national politics, but in recent years I’ve shifted my attention toward policy rather than pure politics.

This piece from the Columbus Dispatch caught my attention, however, because the story refers to now-former Representative Carlton Weddington, a Democrat representing part of Columbus, one of the key sponsors of legislation implementing Ohio Issue 2 and creating the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board.

Weddington resigned today, turning himself over to the FBI after being indicted on three charges, including bribery.

The representative of an urban district became an important proponent of Issue 2 and the Care Board because of the constituency he represented. Critics of the Issue maintained in part that the OCLSB was an example of an industry regulating itself in order to protect its own selfish interests. To the contrary, advocates for disadvantaged citizens and tackling hunger issues joined the coalition to pass Issue 2 because of the importance of maintaining a strong supply of safe, affordable, locally produced food.

Weddington, after vocal support of passing the Issue, cosponsored the implementing legislation. Here’s a story mentioning Weddington’s role in a piece from my colleague Tim White at Ohio Farmer.

I don’t intend to spend much time reporting on this situation, but thought it worth passing on.

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