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This Week’s Column: Be True to Your School

This week I’m writing from New Orleans, Louisiana. My second trip to the Crescent City, I’m here with a group of fellow Buckeye fans to cheer on Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl. By the time you read this, the outcome of the game will be decided, and fans on either side of the field […]

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NCAA: Epic #FAIL On OSU Suspensions

At the risk of turning this site into a continual rant about issues related to college football, I’m compelled to share in the collective outrage over the NCAA/Ohio State player suspension debacle. I’m not sure if we’re calling this “Tatoo-gate” or not, but the suspension of five Buckeyes for five games next season for obtaining […]

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The Allstate Sugar Bowl

My Thoughts on a College Football Playoff

I read an interesting article today by Michael Arace at the Columbus Dispatch on why the BCS is actually bad for the Big Ten and the Buckeyes in particular. I’ve not been a huge playoff proponent because I’m not that personally invested in the concept, but Arace makes some really valid points. (Those same points, […]

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More on the BCS and My Playoff Concept

Stewart Mandel over at SI.com tackles this rather contentious issue in a comprehensive article laying out all the reasons why it is nearly impossible to see even a “plus one” championship game come out of the BCS system, let alone a true playoff. It’s a great article that will leave the purists in the room […]

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The BCS National Championship

So Perhaps I’m on to Something After All

My notion of a BCS-playoff system could work after all. While I have no illusions that the Committee read my post on the subject and convened a blue-ribbon panel to implement it, there are some rumblings now that the Cotton Bowl and it’s new home stadium may be making a play to get into the […]

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