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You Been Farming Long?

Have you seen these ‘Little Farmers?’

I’m on a mission: to locate the two tykes depicted in the iconic “You Been Farming Long” print popularized by Country Woman magazine and the Reiman Publications family of magazines. Chances are, especially if you grew up in rural America or anywhere near a farm or ranch, you’ve seen this poster. Growing up, this print […]

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Sows housed in group pens

From sow housing to being ‘just a farmer,’ everything old is new again…

I am fascinated with the study of history. Where we came from, how we became who and what we are, the mistakes made, lessons learned, achievements and accomplishments earned… Historical study and reflection provides so much return for the mere investment of time. History seems to strike me fairly frequently these days on a number […]

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In which I answer a reader question on the motivation to blog…

One of the many things I love about social media portals like Facebook and Twitter are the numerous opportunities for engaging in “conversations” that would otherwise never happen in the real world. While some stew and fret that engaging in social media may actually be making us less social in the “real world” than ever […]

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Calendar image

Weekly Recap: Week of Sept. 26

I spend a great deal of my time writing, given my profession, and especially now in graduate school at Ohio State (well, I probably spend as much time reading now, but that’s neither here nor there). With the amount of writing I’m doing for Ohio State, Feedstuffs, Beef Producer, and other publications, I thought I’d […]

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Honesty is the best policy...

To Tell The Truth…

Earlier this week my editor at BeefProducer.com, Alan Newport, wrote an interesting post at his blog about what I might call the “integrity gap” with my generation that sparked a fair bit of social commentary. (In truth, I am neither Generation X, nor Generation Y, or am perhaps of both. The years 1981/1982 appear to […]

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