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Mekong River Delta

FISHY: It’s impossible to eat healthy

Okay, I just wrote that headline to get your attention. It’s a common trick among sports writers, especially those looking to generate pageviews off the backs of my beloved Buckeyes, so I figured I’d borrow it. What has me a little aggravated at the moment is the realization that is darn near impossible to please […]

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Bathroom scale

BIG CHALLENGE: Controlling diet and exercise

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a multi-year journey to become a much smaller me. I stared a couple of years ago with the startling realization that I was a much, much, much bigger me than I ever though possible. That shocking event spawned my now quasi-famous “Half Man Challenge,” and I’m happy to […]

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‘Yes, but is it local?’ Or, why local isn’t always better…

I’m a foodie. By that I mean that I love food. Lots of food. Lots of different kinds of food. Some people eat to live, while those of us more acquainted with the joys of an adventurous palate live to eat. As it turns out, I write about the business of food production for a […]

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Ohio Director of Agriculture David Daniels

Guest editorial: Agriculture is Cool!

Editor’s Note: The following editorial was written by The Honorable David T. Daniels, a fellow Highland County native, serving as Ohio’s Director of Agriculture. Daniels was a Highland County Commissioner when I was growing up in Hillsboro, and subsequently represented his district in the state legislature. School is out for the summer, but true learning, […]

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Sows housed in group pens

From sow housing to being ‘just a farmer,’ everything old is new again…

I am fascinated with the study of history. Where we came from, how we became who and what we are, the mistakes made, lessons learned, achievements and accomplishments earned… Historical study and reflection provides so much return for the mere investment of time. History seems to strike me fairly frequently these days on a number […]

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