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For Those Who Say Education Isn’t Worth the Money…

…I say “Nay, nay!” Because in at least one class this quarter, I got more than the price of admission. That’s because this video, shared by Professor Nicole Kraft in a class on news writing, editing, and convergence media, is priceless! Watch and learn, lovers of the English language!

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The Allstate Sugar Bowl

My Thoughts on a College Football Playoff

I read an interesting article today by Michael Arace at the Columbus Dispatch on why the BCS is actually bad for the Big Ten and the Buckeyes in particular. I’ve not been a huge playoff proponent because I’m not that personally invested in the concept, but Arace makes some really valid points. (Those same points, […]

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Andy's "Amplog"

Amplify: What I’m Reading Each Day on the Web

Editor’s Note: I originally posted this at my “Andy’s Angle” blog last January. I decided to pick it back up and include a feed of the “Amplog” here on the site. Look to the right sidebar and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, what’s an “amplog?” Read on, my friend: I read news and information […]

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Ray Quay and his Gatling Gun

This Week’s Column: Sergeant Quay and the Gatling Gun

One of the greatest blessings of my life’s travels is the vast network of unique and fascinating people I’ve met and befriended. From cowboys and cattlemen to bankers and business leaders, my journalistic coverage of Ohio agriculture provides many opportunities to tell some terrific stories. Sometimes, my favorite stories have little to do with farming […]

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Giving Thanks for America’s Farmers

My friends at Monsanto launched a great campaign this year called America’s Farmers Grow America. The theme carried from their radio and print advertising messages to a great philanthropic program called “America’s Farmers: Growing Communities.” I commend them for helping tell the story of the farmers who feed so many of our needs. This video […]

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