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Older gentleman reading his paper

You are what you read

The Fetching Mrs. Vance and I are “book people” through and through. We love reading, and we love books. Our very favorite books find their way to our personal collection, which includes such great authors as Terry Pratchett, W.E.B. Griffin, Robert Jordan, James Clavell, Dick Francis and Diana Gabaldon. Generally speaking, we visit the Gahanna […]

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There’s a fine line between whistleblower and ‘Benedict Arnold’

Uncomfortable truth of the day: history is written by the winners. Think about it for a minute – we’re talking about the difference between how we view the Founding Fathers and how we see the Rebels of the Confederacy. More on this in a minute. I mentioned over the weekend that most Americans seem to […]

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Lautner's Texas Tornado

‘Fluffy cows:’ Internet meme gone horribly awry?

I have a confession to make: I used to own fluffy cows. W e l l … That’s not exactly true. They weren’t actually cows, that is. They were steers, as it turns out, and maybe once or twice there were heifers, but never actually a fluffy cow. Oh, and as it turns out, the […]

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Government overreach in the era of partisan politics

I worry that most Americans have forgotten the story of Goldilocks. In some sense, the little girl’s adventures in the home of the three bears was a story about moderation. Papa Bear’s porridge was too hot, Mama’s was too cold, but Baby Bear’s was just right, or something to that effect. Goldilocks popped into my […]

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Rosie the Riveter

Feminist backlash over ad poses question about gender roles

I didn’t realize there was a controversy over Swiffer until I came across some random Facebook posts this morning. Doing a little digging, I found out that Proctor & Gamble’s Swiffer marketing folks have gotten themselves into a feminist firestorm over an ad for their product, portraying a Rosie The Riveter-esqe character using a Swiffer […]

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