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Panera and Chipotle not the only ones marketing ‘antibiotic-free’

EARLIER this summer, my friends in agriculture got their collective knickers in a twist when one of my favorite sandwich shops and bakeries went rogue with its advertising. Promoting a line of chicken products under the “EZ Chicken” banner, the company specifically touted the “antibiotic free” nature of its products, and sort of implied that […]

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Get a cork for that whine: Gen Y Yuppies

Earlier this morning I read a great piece via the HuffPo (there’s a phrase I never thought I’d write) outlining the reasons Gen Y “Yuppies” are so sad: highly-inflated expectations and the curse of being “special.” Generation Y is the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s, so I fit snugly in […]

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Mekong River Delta

FISHY: It’s impossible to eat healthy

Okay, I just wrote that headline to get your attention. It’s a common trick among sports writers, especially those looking to generate pageviews off the backs of my beloved Buckeyes, so I figured I’d borrow it. What has me a little aggravated at the moment is the realization that is darn near impossible to please […]

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George Orwell

Have you actually read ’1984′?

Earlier in the week I wrote about Big Brother and the modern surveillance state. Believe it or not, neither post got as much attention as my discussion of “Fluffy Cows” or Internet trolls. Even so, it appears that vast numbers of Americans are suddenly interested in George Orwell’s dystopian vision for the world of the […]

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Why the Internet is killing rational discourse

It’s on the Internet, so it has to be true. Right? I’m convinced that the World Wide Web is both the greatest technological development of my lifetime, and simultaneously the invention that is likely to tank our entire society as we know it. Ever-present in our lives, our culture is the most “wired” on the […]

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