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Sows housed in group pens

From sow housing to being ‘just a farmer,’ everything old is new again…

I am fascinated with the study of history. Where we came from, how we became who and what we are, the mistakes made, lessons learned, achievements and accomplishments earned… Historical study and reflection provides so much return for the mere investment of time. History seems to strike me fairly frequently these days on a number […]

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On Bacon Farmers and YouTube Videos

Last year mega-Burrito uber-chain Chipotle made quite a splash in the agricultural community when it released a video called  “Back to the Start.” The animated video, featuring Willie Nelson singing a haunting version of Coldplay’s The Scientist, depicted a farmer starting out with a single pig, and his operation growing to the status of “giant […]

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Seoul, South Korea

U.S., South Korea Finalize Free Trade Agreement

President Barack Obama announced this week the United States concluded negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea. “This deal is a win for American workers,” the President said. “For our farmers and ranchers, it will increase exports of American agricultural products.  From aerospace to electronics, it will increase our manufacturing exports to Korea, […]

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