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Thinking In Pictures

Thinking in Pictures: Thoughts from Temple Grandin

As you know, we read quite a bit at our house. For my wife, reading is about escape, so she rarely browses non-fiction titles. She introduced me to one of my now-favorite authors, Sir Terry Pratchett, and his Discworld. While I derive great enjoyment from Pratchett’s fantastical world of comical wizards, outlandish witches and a […]

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A conversation with Temple Grandin

After writing about a recent media attack against Professor Temple Grandin, the nation’s foremost authority on animal handling and animal welfare, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to get a call from Dr. Grandin herself. I’ve interviewed a number of notable notables over the years, including each of the last four Secretaries of Agriculture, Ohio State […]

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Professor Temple Grandin

Ignoring public opinion of food production is a recipe for disaster

My friend and Feedstuffs colleague Megan Brown shared an extremely surprising article last week under the headline “Temple Grandin not working on Animal Welfare for consumers benefit any more.” WHAT? Temple Grandin, if you aren’t acquainted, is the nation’s foremost authority on humane treatment and handling of food animals. She has literally written the book […]

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