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Andy Vance Joins Feedstuffs

I’m very excited to announce that I’m joining Feedstuffs and Feedstuffs Foodlink as a featured contributor, writing for Feedstuffs’ weekly print and online editions, and providing exclusive online audio and video content. For over 80 years, Feedstuffs has provided news, information and analysis on areas directly related to food production, including the related areas of feed […]

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Ray Quay and his Gatling Gun

This Week’s Column: Sergeant Quay and the Gatling Gun

One of the greatest blessings of my life’s travels is the vast network of unique and fascinating people I’ve met and befriended. From cowboys and cattlemen to bankers and business leaders, my journalistic coverage of Ohio agriculture provides many opportunities to tell some terrific stories. Sometimes, my favorite stories have little to do with farming […]

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The Death Tax

This Week’s Column: The Resurrection of the Death Tax

If you’re looking for proof of life after death, January 1st is your day. The minute the famous ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, the wealth redistribution instrument known as the Estate Tax rises from its grave to pilfer the holdings of any farmers or small business owners unlucky enough to die […]

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NPR's Nina Totenberg and columnist Charles Krauthammer

This Week’s Column: The Old Rules Don’t Apply Anymore

If anything, the Juan Williams/NPR debacle proves that the old rules don’t apply anymore. Since the earliest days of journalism, reporters held at least the pretense that there exists a thin grey line between reporting and editorial. What separated reporters from columnists was the very notion that one reported the truth, the whole truth, and […]

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Columbus Dispatch: Fouled by Farms

This Week’s Column: Sorting Fact from Fiction on the Farm

Farming is one of the most targeted and maligned professions in modern society. Tasked with no less than producing our daily bread, the men and women who raise, produce and process our food are subject to criticisms ranging from the use of corn sweeteners in soda pop to the methane output of ruminating bovines. It […]

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